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Flair (also known as Fort Flair/Flair Fort) is an underground city located on the island of Flair, located in the Munkrufian Ocean at about an equal distance from Wawolda and Oitpates. It was founded in 0 AF, hence the year system "After Flair", which denotes how many years have passed since the founding of Flair. Flair is currently ruled by 7 commanders.


Three of the 50 ships had crash landed near the North East coast of Alphalin. The survivors from the three ships needed a shelter to prevent them being attacked at night by the nocturnal creatures. Due to the lack of trees on Alphalin, they decided to build an underground fortification, which they designated for construction on the coast of Alphalin. It was named "Fort Flair" as a Flair tower was built to try and guide other survivors to Flair. (The tower was destroyed in the Siege of Flair during the Munkrufian War). A new calendar was started on the day digging began, marking the beginning of 0 AF. Within a few weeks there was ample shelter underground, but space was limited.

During the early years, Flairians had to sleep in a bunk room, which provided 300 beds, which proved to be just enough for Flair's 653 residents. By 15AF, Flair's population had grown to 1000 (due to early Flair's reproduction policy), and the bunk room was extremely overcrowded. Using their improved tools, two new bunk rooms were dug out, providing 1000 beds each, hoping to provide Flair with enough space for many more years. Unfortunately this was only sufficient until 38AF, when Flair's population hit 2000, and more bunk rooms began construction. This cycle continued until 140AF, when further improved tools allowed for the construction of the upper housing area of Flair, which was expandable and provided houses for each family living in Flair. The typical family consisted of around 6-7 children, and homosexual couples had no problem adopting children, which Flair applauded them for.

Flair was supplied by farms on Alphalin, but during 148AF, Mulgen decided that farms should be moved underground, due to the discovery of Glowstone, which would allow crops to be lit all day, and grow faster. This proved to be a good move, as ALphalin was sunk during the Geoshift Event, leaving Flair as an Island in the Ocean. Flair's entrance had to be blocked to prevent water flowing in and was rebuilt in a few days about 17 metres higher than it had previously been, along with the dock.