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Gigacavern is an underground city mostly located within a huge cavern that has been expanded using explosives. It is located on the South West coast of Randosea. It was founded in 36 AF by people who had crashed in the region and set up a temporary village in the area and a group of Flairian explorers. It is currently ruled by a "commander", who acts for Gigacavern at events, but Gigacavern itself is run as a direct democracy by its citizens (as is Flair).


Two of the 50 ships crashed relatively near to each other on the South West coast of Randosea, and the survivors set up TempVille, and constructed shelters using the nearby trees. This village survived for 36 years, with different guard groups guarding the settlement from mobs throughout the night. The group was found by a group of Flairian explorers in 36 AF, who suggested the construction of an underground fort so there would be no need for guard groups at night. One of the explorers discovered a large cave in the region, and the citizens quickly set up residence there. The Flairian explorers remarked on the size of the cave, calling it a "Giga cavern". The residents heard this, and agreed it should be called Gigacavern. A Flairian style government was set up and the commander swore alliance to Flair.

After the death of the first commander of Gigacavern, the second commander was keen to restart the Flairian alliance, and met with the Flairian leader to create the Flair-Gigacavern alliance. When the Flairian commander suddenly died a few years later, the new commander also sought to renew the alliance, but this time naming the alliance the Giga-Flarro alliance. Every time a Flairian or Gigacavern commander died, the alliance was renewed as either the Giga-Flarro or the Flair-Gigacavern alliance.