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Mobulus is the largest city on Munkruf. It is known for its high white wall and magnificent palaces. It now (15th age) has a parliament with elected members and a prime minister, but it also has a monarchy which once held absolute power. The city maintains high control over most of East Spaval, including the region of Irith.


Mobulus was founded by a group of settlers from SpawnVille, led by Darius Mobulus, who subsequently named the town he had founded after himself. Darius' family had had good relations with the Lord of Mob, and therefore had quite a bit of money, which he spent on Mobulus, with a sizeable portion of it going to construct a palace for himself. Due to the recent Geoshift Event, SpawnVille had found itself 7 km from the ocean, with no ships. Mobulus, located on the ocean front, became the new South-Eastern port of Spaval, and hence gained many profits.

When Darius died, his eldest son, Yugan Mobulus, became the new King of Mobulus. Yugan invested hugely in the "Safe Mob-farms" project, but grew increasingly impatient with the lack of success of the project. In 213 AF, an independent team of scientists was set up in Mobulus to work on the mob-farm problem. By 215 AF they claimed they had found the solution to the problem, and construction of Tower Mob began. Tower Mob was finished in 223 AF and approved for activation by 226 AF. It quickly became a great profit for Mobulus, quickly making Mobulus the most powerful place on Munkruf. However, Yugan died in 231 AF after only 4 years of its operation.

In 312 AF, the paranoid King Regas Mobulus ordered the construction of a high wall around the city. Due to the availability of white stone more than any other rock, it was used to build the Inner Wall of Mobulus. This, along with Regas' new palace, was completed in 317 AF.

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